Hechuan Dragon Stream Healthy New Town

Hechuan, China

Hechuan “Dragon Stream”New Town has been designed to become the first healthy city of China. Located near Chongqing in Southwest China, the project is designed for a population of 180,000 inhabitants and is divided in 5 construction phases. Our Chinese healthy city concept is based on the healthy urban lifestyles and urban design. Our strategy is to strategically implement a healthy urban economy based on organic food production and consumption through urban and peri-urban agriculture, social healthcare R&D for China, healthy tourism and sport activities.

The streetscape and public design is specifically defined for an “age friendly”urban environment able to respond to the emerging challenges of the ageing Chinese population. Safe and green streets are integrated with green corridors in order to preserve the existing ecosystems during the process of urbanisation.

Residential communities are permanently encouraged to learn about healthy food consumption through urban agriculture and safe, low-carbon mobility.

A complete program of low carbon housing development will be implemented phase by phase to limit the carbon footprint and the urban heat island effects.