Hechuan Human Friendly Community

Hechuan, China

The Phase 01 of Hechuan “Dragon Stream”Healthy City near Chongqing in China comprises 600,000 sq. meters of residential and mixed-used development. Designed as a garden human friendly community, the project is the first step to build the first healthy city of China.

The residential communities are integrated in a neighborhood where car traffic speed is limited to 30 km/h and where pedestrian mobility is not conflicting with other modes of transport.

The streets and pedestrian paths are designed to maximize the green surfaces and to re-integrate the former water pounds and streams in a smart urban water cycle management. Green roofs and terraces combined with green streets permit to reach 95% of “green coverage”in the neighborhood, which limits the urban heat island effect and creates a comfortable micro-climate.

Many existing “micro-landscape”elements of the countryside will be preserved and re-integrated between buildings and streets in order to keep the soul of the place.