Trencin Healthy Urban Mobility

Trencin, Slovakia

Like a healthy organism, a healthy city needs fluid circulation. Smooth mobility for all forms of transport is achieved by promoting the healthiest and least space-consuming transport modes. By prioritizing pedestrian mobility first –cyclists and other human powered mobility second –more people will have viable alternatives to the private car. With fewer cars on the road and the development of the Southeast Bypass, not only will the air be cleaner and streets safer, the changes will have little effect on car travel times. Further, with integrated parking management, with park and rides next tram-train stations that are well connected to walking and cycling paths, as well as a reduction of speeds to 20km/h, car use in the historic center will be dramatically reduced.

The regional Tram-Train will also be an attractive and flexible alternative to the car.Using the existing tracks, the tram-train network will strengthen the city’s position in the region. Stations running along the River Vah will not only improve public transit access to the city center, but will doubly serve to enhance walking and biking connections between the center and the river. The tram-train network will encourage multimodality and green tourism through integrated Bike & Ride stations, a bicycle share with tram fare integration and connections to river piers that encourage green tourism along the River Vah.