In the current context of unprecedented urbanization, planners and urbanists are facing new challenges and must develop integrated and durable solutions for the emerging urban environments.

The mission of Citilinks is to create and re-create urban communities by considering them as entire ecosystems made of social, environmental and economic interactions.

We are engaged to build lower carbon cities and to enhance the urban livability through innovative public areas, integrated green spaces, pedestrian oriented development, smart collective energy and transport management. Each of our projects is characterized by an integrated approach of planning and design.



Citilinks Architecture reflects our knowledge of designs from a human-approach perspective.  We consider buildings as permanent human experiences of space. Each of our decisions and designs is made to meet the needs of the current and the future generations.

We develop trusting relationships with end users, clients and communities by not only creating space that work well on each level and from inside and out, but also standing behind the idea in symbiosis with architecture and human beings.



Citilinks proposes a unique approach of urban transportation planning and design, through an innovative collaboration between urbanists and transport engineers. We strongly believe that urban mobility and transport is a major component of urban livability, economic development and social cohesion. « Think Integrated » by creating new solutions and interactions between public transport, pedestrians, bicycles and car-sharing is a pillar of our holistic approach that has been already successfuly applied in Europe, Canada, China and Africa.



Thanks to collaboration with universities in Europe and China through workshops and conferences, we continue to spread and to learn about latest technologies, sustainable principles and smart cities. Hereby, we bring our knowledge in urbanism, architecture and transport into our masterplannings for better results, satisfaction and happiness for end users.