Wuhan East Lake Strategic Plan

Wuhan, China

In March 2012 the Wuhan Planning and Design Institute (WPDI) hosted an Urban Planning Advisory Team (UPAT) project in order to define development strategies and sustainable concepts for the Wuhan East Lake Scenic Area. The UPAT Team of eight ISOCARP members worked closely with planners and and executives of the Wuhan Planning and Design Institute, the Wuhan Land Resources and Planning Bureau and the East Lake Management Office.

The UPAT Team, lead by Ric Stephens, Chris Gossop and Vice President Martin Dubbeling, together with Jim Colman, Stefan Rau, Sebastien Goethals (Citilinks), Mei Yun and Yu Yang visited the East Lake Scenic Area in the period 11-16 March 2012 for an intensive week of hard work.

The UPAT Report seeks to integrate a tourism development of the highest quality with the conservation and enhancement of the East Lake’s beautiful natural environment. The project report can be downloaded hereafter : http://www.isocarp.org/fileadmin/user_upload/activities/Wuhan_UPAT_Report.pdf