Citilinks has been created by Sebastien Goethals and Anastasia Velnidis in order to set up a holistic and multidisciplinary approach of our cities and environments. After having experienced various urban contexts and challenges in Europe, China and Africa, we have developed a human oriented approach of urbanism and architecture in order to advise and design unique healthy environments. The challenges and opportunities coming with the current emerging urban era bring some new responsabilities to city makers.

In this context, we define and design cities, communities and buildings as healthy ecosystems and we use multidisciplinary communication between stakeholders, experts and designers to improve our environments.

Global Approach, Local Actions

The current urban era emerging in a context of globalization has inspired new working methods to Citilinks. Our global approach aims to reconnect the cities with their natural contexts and ecosystems, the local people and their culture, and to implement smarter lifestyles and behaviours. Our experts believe that, by consuming energy, communities can also produce energy, become more self-sufficient and smart, like in our design of the first garden city of Africa.

Our climatic approach of buildings inspires us every day a smarter and more attractive architecture, with more comfort and flexibility for users and visitors.

We permanently collaborate with local planners and designers in Europe, China, Africa and India to build together the healthiest way of urban development according to local specificities. Shanghai in China, Brussels in Europe, Kinshasa in Africa, Regina in America and Kochi in India have been our recent urban laboratories to implement and experiment our ideas and expertise.