Citilinks is a global and independent planning and design network dedicated to urbanism, transport and mobility, nature, architecture and research with a holistic approach of our physical and digital environment. We are building the missing links between planning, design, engineering, governance, technology, environment and strategy.
Inspired by complexity and diversity of a transforming world, here is an overview of our multidisciplinary projects.
Our expertise is organized in 5 departments and teams working together closely to connect people, nature, water, places and flows for a more intelligent physical and digital environment.
Discover who we are and how we made Citilinks happen.
Our LinkLab is where urban innovation meets technology and decision-making tools with data-informed knowledge. We transform our ideas into products for healthy cities and streets.
We put genius loci and (g)local knowledge at the heart of each of our project. Over the years, we have developed a sense of deep understanding of local challenges in several key urban regions.

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