Dalian Dayao Bay Port-City Project

Project Description

The Dayao Bay Port-city project aims to combine the ecological rehabilitation of Dayao Bay Deep Sea Port area and the development of a smart and connected hub around Xiaoyao Bay as a port-city interface dedicated to Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. The restoration of green corridors and green hearts within Dayao deep sea port industrial areas aims to bring back a part of the wildlife, especially birds, in pocket areas protected from industrial activities and pollution. The green rehabilitation plan permits to limit the urban heat island effects and is implemented through compensation measures of the development of new industrial functions in the area. Xiaoyao Bay becomes the urban centre connected to the port, in spite of its increasing automation. Existing and new railways are used to connect the port and the city with multifunctional tramways (cargo+passengers) and create a digital and physical link between industrial warehouses of Dayao and offices , shops and residential buildings located in Xiaoyao. Therefore, the strategy aims to gradually implement a digital mixed-used district which will share its resources with the automated port such as knowledge and creativity, waste to up-cycle, energy flows to exchange. The port and the new city centre become then part of a single loop of circular and sharing economy.


Ports, industry 4.0, smart city, circular economy, sharing economy, energy, ecological restoration, green infrastructure, strategic planning


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Sino-French Institute of Urban Planning, Nanjing University


Dalian Urban Planning Bureau

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