Kinshasa Urban Mobility & Bus Rapid Transit / Polycentric Mega-City

Project Description

Kinshasa, DR Congo’s capital, is the second largest megacity of Africa with a projected population of 20 million people by 2030. The Congolese capital city concentrates most of challenges of Africa’s urbanization : informal and sprawled urban development, predominant informal economy, lack of infrastructure and transport services. Citilinks has dedicated a lot of efforts on Kinshasa since 2010, from strategic planning to tactical urbanism. A first research on Transit Oriented Development and polycentric and decentralized development was initiated in Shanghai by Citilinks and Tongji University during the World Expo 2010, highlighting the potential of Bus Rapid Transit implementation and the development of a Special Economic Zone in front of the international airport of Ndjili.   In 2011, we joined the Urban Mobility Plan of Kinshasa (Transurb, Stratec, AEC), funded by CTB.  The plan defined several orientations in order to create a realistic and affordable transport system for an African mega-city, following the previous recommendations of 2010.  The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network “KinRapid” associated to a Heavy Rail Transit network based on existing railway infrastructure was planned and designed with multimodal stations built together with food markets and an improved accessibility by foot in a radius of 1 km. The short-term planned BRT system could be implemented at lower costs along the Boulevard du 30 Juin and the Avenue Lumumba.   Mikonga Agri-City is a « Free Trade Zone » project for DR Congo that aims to bridge urban design innovation, attractive tax policy, urban agriculture and R&D oriented to bio-technologies and African eco-tourism. The three central cores and the 12 communities of Mikonga are designed for a maximum walkability, quick accessibility to public transport and proximity to urban agriculture areas.   The future of Kinshasa in the media: Click to read article on Click to read article on  


Transport Planning, Bus Rapid Transit, Heavy Rail Transit, Transit Oriented Development, Polycentrism


GIS dynamic mapping, 3D animation




Transurb Technirail, Stratec, AEC sarl, World Expo Shanghai, Tongji University


City of Kinshasa / Belgian Technical Cooperation

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