Urban Mobility Plan of Conakry, Guinea

Project Description

The Transport Master Plan of Conakry, capital city of Guinea, is dedicated to an adequate and adapted approach of urban mobility in African cities. With a holistic mobility approach for people and goods, the plan applies Transit Oriented Development, a mass transit network (BRT + HRT), walkability and modal shift from roads to rails for urban logistics to a typical monocentric African metropolis that is about to double its urban population from 2.5 to 5 million by 2040, on a narrow peninsula of 45 km long. By planning a multimodal and integrated approach of public transport and mass transit, the plan includes multi-scale mobility plans, from the metro area to the sub-district, integrating walkability and road safety with intermodality and urban logistics. It is indeed a priority to associate every infrastructure project for mass transit with reserved pedestrian lanes, safe intersections and rehabilitated streets. The plans for a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network combined with urban trains (Heavy Rail Transit) not only reduce the transport-related carbon footprint of Conakry of 1 million CO2 tons/year. The BRT project includes a program of primary roads transformation into urban and walkable boulevards. The HRT+TOD approach allows the modal shift of heavy and light logistics from the roads to the railways, brings the markets closer to the railway hubs, playing their intermodal role for both passengers and goods. The transport master plan study was elaborated by Egis and Louis Berger and led by Sebastien Goethals.


Transport Planning, TOD, Urban Mobility, Bus Rapid Transit, Heavy Rail Transit, GIS, Urban Design, Infrastructure Planning, Road Safety, Parking management


Large scale metropolitan physical model, GIS dynamic mapping, 3D animation, decision-making tools for infrastructure planning




Louis Berger (WSP), EGIS


Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Public Works (Guinea) / European Union

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