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The team of Citilinks-group is committed to delivering results beyond expectation. Always keeping  people central in our designs.

Founding Partners

Sebastien Goethals is the founder and CEO of citilinks-group

Sebastien Goethals 顾希

A city planner, architect and transport planning expert from Belgium, Sebastien gained global expertise over the past 15 years in the fields of urbanism, mobility and green infrastructure in Europe, China, Africa and North America. He led key projects related to Transit Oriented Development (TOD), public transport and intermodality in Brussels, Shanghai, New York and Conakry (metro area transport master plan). Subsequently, he has advised municipalities and transportation service industries on MaaS, digitization, sharing and autonomous mobility and urban governance. In China, he was the author of several award-winning urban design projects (Ningbo and Jiaxing Green Belts, Hechuan Yulong New Town, Shanghai Street of Things). He has worked as a strategic planning expert in infrastructure, transportation and data analytics for cities with: the European Union; UN Habitat; the World Bank; and local governments in China, Africa, Belgium and Canada.
Anastasia Velnidis - Citilinks Group

Anastasia Velnidis Beeldens 韦安雅

A civil engineer and architect from Belgium, Anastasia is an expert on water sensitive city planning, environment and renewable energy. Working with stakeholders from the private and public sectors in Europe, China and Africa, she has developed a ‘low impact’ planning and design approach with numerous projects such as Hechuan Yulong New Town, the Urban System Plan for Dalian 2040 (China) and the Strategic and Technical Energy Plan for the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) at Dakar Airport, Senegal. Trained in Integrated Coastal Management by UNESCO-IHE, Anastasia prioritises current and future climate challenges and existing natural resources when deploying urban and rural projects. Against the backdrop of increasing water related issues in the world, she develops solutions to adapt and poise cities to leverage natural cycles and resources, resulting in water sensitive urban design. 
Tunan Ma - Citilinks Group

Anton T. Ma 马岸东

Partner, Chengdu
Anton Ma is an urban technologist based in Chengdu who promotes digital urbanism by utilizing artificial intelligence and computational tools combined with data analytics, dynamic mapping and multidisciplinary decision-making. He is dedicated to ease the complexity of virtual reality experience, navigating physical contexts in robotics and 3D data visualisation and to connect his knowledge to territorial planning, urban design, transport design and computational architecture. He is currently developing the LinkLab, with a range of physical and digital tools, excelling in GIS, 3D printing and modelling. Over the years, he gained invaluable expertise in the application of data processing and analysis, multisectoral decision-making tools for territorial planning and dynamic, creative mapping.

Local Partners

Zhang Qiang

Zhang Qiang

Zhang Qiang is a gen-Z Chinese architect from Wuhan who currently investigates new methods of 3D printing of load-bearing walls by robotic arms and works on prototype designs and performance simulations for 3d printed housing units and urban furniture for smart and adaptable public spaces. Passionate for new technologies applied to urbanism, architecture and emergency response for post-disaster solutions in the sectors of housing, industry and agriculture, Zhang Qiang has worked on a diversity of projects in Asia and Africa that always keep the people at the centre.
Njeri Cerere - Citilinks Group

Njeri Cerere

Based in Nairobi, Njeri has over 15 years of experience in urban planning and design in Africa and North America. She is the point person for Citilinks in Africa and focuses on Urban & Regional Economy and Competitiveness, promoting a comprehensive and resilient approach to planning and development. Her career was founded at the Atlanta Regional Commission and she subsequently co-founded Naipolitans, an organization which focuses on the inclusive development of strategies for livable places and sustainable urban transformation in Kenya. Njeri was previously planning portfolio advisor to PDM, an affiliate of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), and is a consultant on various projects and programmes in the East African region.

Peter Xiang Yu

Yuxiang Pan is a landscape architect and planner based in Chengdu, with a holistic expertise in sponge cities, resilient community planning and public space design. Yuxiang combines his knowledge of local biodiversity with planning and design strategies for a healthier environment and design-based solutions at various territorial scales. He preciously contributes at multiple levels of Citilinks projects, from regional development planning to rehabilitation of rural and urban areas and green infrastructure design.
Joel web opt

Joël Owolabi K. Adjile

An urban planner, designer and specialist in hydraulic and irrigation, Joel has developed expertise in territorial planning and integration of diverse infrastructure projects, including their design and construction supervision. He contributed to the Urban Renovation Plan of the lakeside town of Ganvie in Benin and the urban, architectural and landscape studies of the Eastern Waterfront of Porto-Novo along its lagoon. He is the focal point of Citilinks in Benin and West Africa. With over 15 years of experience in West Africa in planning and design, engineering and construction works, Joel has a comprehensive and deep understanding of the complexity of projects in the context of Benin and West Africa.

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